Monday, August 13, 2012

Bit of Flavor Homemade Potato Chips

One of our favorite healthy snacks these days is Homemade Potato Chips. 
Sit back and enjoy as I take you through it, step by step...

1) The first step is to gather everything you will need.

4-5 Russet or other potatoes
** Special Seasoning **

Kitchen Items:
Large Cutting Board
Large Knife
PC Simple Slicer
PC Micorwave Chip Maker (more about this shortly...)

2) Rinse the potatoes and pat dry.  Cut in half cross-wise.

3) To get wonderfully thin slices, I use my Pampered Chef Simple Slicer.  This tool is very safe and easy to use, and clean up is a snap.

4) Slice all of the potatoes.

5) Lay out some slices on clean paper towels.  Season with salt, and any other seasonings you might like.  I did some with just salt, and some with salt and our family favorite - Butt Rub.  You can blot the top after a few minutes, as the salt will draw out the moisture in the potato.

6) Now, for the MAGIC part...  I use my Pampered Chef Microwave Chip Maker sets.  Yes, sets.  I have two sets.  One set was not enough.  You'll see, and you will come to agree.

7) Arrange the slices in a single layer on the chip maker.  Fill up one chip maker, then top it with a second chip maker and load that one up too!

8) Put the two stacked chip makers in the microwave, and set it for 3 minutes.

9) After 3 minutes, use hot pads to remove the tw chip makers and swap places, so that the top one is now on the bottom.  Put them back in the microwave, and set it for another 30 seconds.  Continue cooking at 30 second intervals until desired crispness is achieved.  For our microwave, it takes a total of 5 or so minutes.

10) In the meantime, load up two more chip makers as above.

11) Once the first batch is done, carefully remove the stacked chip makers using hot pads.  Set them to the side to cool, and put the next set in the microwave.  Continue as above.

12) After the chips have cooled for a few minutes, use the spatula to remove them to a serving dish.

13) Enjoy as is, or with your favorite chip dip!

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  1. sneaky girl...

    ok.. i want the microwave chip maker thingy!! 2 of them!!!


    1. See how that works out? You will NOT be disappointed!!

  2. You just reminded me I need to get more Butt Rub.