Saturday, August 11, 2012

Choosing a New Recipe

When it comes to choosing new recipes to try, I have several different methods.  I'd love to share them with you, and then hear how you pick yours!

One thing I often do is flip through magazines, and tear out any pages of recipes I'd like to try.  I have a lovely little stack of torn-out recipes, just waiting to be tried and filed.  If a new one has really struck a chord with me, I will make sure I have or pick up whatever is needed to make it as soon as possible, as in that night!  This is a great spur-of-the-moment method for me.

I also love ~ LOVE! ~ cookbooks (so much so that I will be writing about my love of cookbooks very soon!!).  As I read or scan through a cookbook, whether one of my own or one borrowed from a friend or the library, I will fold down the corner of the page marking any recipes I'd like to try.  Yes, that is ME folding down the corners.  I will then work a few from one book into upcoming meals.  This method works well for me when I am on a meal-planning roll, which happens every so often.

A great way to find recipes is to search online.  I'm sure we all have our favorite sites (sounds like another separate post will be coming soon!!), and I tend to check out the same few when I need a recipe.  Some favorites:,, (  Searching online works best for me when I have something specific set out for that night, and need some ideas on how to use it; or maybe I know how I want to use it, but am looking for a little twist to my usual way.

Another way I find recipes is to ask family members or friends to share THEIR recipes, especially if it's something specific that I've enjoyed before.  I love to make something that has been passed down or passed over from someone special, and I hope that asking them for their 'secret recipe' gives them a happy feeling.  :)

And sometimes, I use a combo of all of these methods!

For example -
Tonight, I have boneless skinless chicken breasts out.  I decided that I am in the mood for Chicken Parmesan, and I prefer a fairly easy method of cooking.  I found a recipe in one of my current library books, and another recipe that sounded good online, and I will combine them to come up with my own special dish.

Stay tuned for that recipe, along with pictures and the verdict from my own personal tasting panel (AKA Dear Hubby and Teen Son, for want of more dynamic and fitting pseudo names).

So, tell me... 
How/Where do you find new recipes?

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