Sunday, July 6, 2014

Weeknight Cooking is Easier with Reynolds!

  Weeknight Cooking is Easier with Reynolds!

I must admit - I have always been a fan of Reynolds Wrap! 

I love to use Reynolds Wrap in the kitchen!!
From covering dishes while they bake...

 to lining roasting pans...

  Reynolds is a frequently used item in my kitchen!

I've also used it for years for combining ingredients in packets 
to cook on the grill, over an open campfire, or in the oven.

I like to keep a box handy, for any use that might come up.

Recently, I had a bit of a Reynolds Wrap Ah-Ha moment!

I was cooking a covered fish dish in the oven, and making fried okra to serve on the side.  At a point near the end of baking the fish dish, I removed the foil cover for the final 10 minutes. 

Now, I hate to waste things.  So I always remove the foil and set it to the side.  It often comes in handy if I want to make some quick warmed or garlic bread to serve with the meal.

But this night, when it was time to drain the frying okra, and with a piece of paper towel in hand, I reached past the clean plates and grabbed the recently removed piece of foil.  I lined it with the paper towel and gently placed the okra on it.  Sweet. 

Even better, and the true Ah-Ha Moment - I loosely wrapped this up and popped it in the oven to keep it warm while the fish dish finished up.

And the final Ah-Ha Moment -
Always keep some Reynolds Wrap handy

 for easy kitchen weeknight cooking!!

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